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KIRIN Holdings

One of our Whitley A25 Workstation users from KIRIN Holdings, in Japan was recently interviewed to find out if he was happy with his workstation and also if it had had a positive impact on his work.

Yohei Sato has been using Whitley Workstations for over three years and his research focus is predominantly intestinal bacteria. He uses the A25 for about two hours every day and is really pleased with the Instant Access Ports and the fact that the rubber membranes come in a variety of sizes.

The main benefit of the A25, according to Yohei, is his success growing the more fastidious organisms, “With the use of workstations, bacteria that requires high anaerobic conditions began to grow.”

In summary, Yohei is happy with his choice of workstation and says, “The size is perfect and just right.”

Interview conducted by Yoshio Iyama, Kohjin Bio (Japanese distributor for Whitley Workstations).


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