DYK4: Latex or Neoprene?

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DYK4: Latex or Neoprene?

Did You Know 4: Latex or Neoprene: that is the question


This is the fourth in our ‘Did you know’ series of articles introducing things you may not know about the Whitley range of products – read on and you may find out something new about your workstation or spiral plater that could make your working life easier.

If you have a Whitley Workstation with sleeved ports, you may not be aware of the options for wrist seals.


Don Whitley Scientific Wrist Seals

Which bit is the ‘wrist seal’?

The wrist seal is the flexible black ‘cuff’ that goes around the operator’s wrist.


So, what are the options for Don Whitley Scientific wrist seals?

Wrist seals come in two types, Latex and Neoprene. Neoprene cuffs were principally developed for those who suffer from Latex allergies.


Are wrist seals available in different sizes?

Latex wrist seals (order code A02841) are one-size-fits-all as they can be trimmed down, if necessary, with a scalpel or sharp scissors.

Don Whitley Scientific does not recommend that Neoprene wrist seals are trimmed or cut in any way as tearing may occur. We therefore supply Neoprene cuffs in two sizes: standard (code A02831) or large (code A02841).


What happens if I order the wrong size Neoprene wrist seals?

Just give us a call and we will be happy to exchange them for you. If you find you need a really small size and Latex is not a problem, we will even exchange them for Latex cuffs that can be cut to fit.

We are unable to accept Neoprene wrist seals for exchange if they have been cut/trimmed in any way.


Don Whitley Scientific Sleeve Kit for Whitley Workstations

What if I want to order a whole sleeve kit?

No problem. We offer three sleeve kits (why not have a look at them on our website?):

If you have any further questions regarding wrist seals or workstation sleeves, please do not hesitate to give our sales office a call on 01274 595728 or email sales@dwscientific.co.uk



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