WASP Touch Dilucup Option

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WASP Touch Dilucup Option

The spiral plater for use with the Dilucup®

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For those customers who want to further reduce the labour involved in performing serial dilutions, this option provides an adapted WASP Touch to permit sample aspiration from an individual Dilucup®. The turntable direction of rotation has been reversed on this model. Operational software is unchanged from the standard WASP Touch, except that sample aspiration from a tube/bottle has been disabled.

Please note that the Dilucup® WASP Touch cannot accommodate the Extended Volume Package.

  • Patented automatic sanitizing system automatically maintains correct liquid levels in sanitizing solutions
  • Illuminated, covered working area
  • Easy serviceability
  • Automatically logs date, time, deposition, user name, number of plates produced – a powerful diagnostic tool.
  • Flowsense - detects the movement of liquid through the WASP Touch.
  • Sanitising system reservoirs are available in two sizes and can contain sufficient fluid for hundreds of wash cycles – perfect for busy laboratories.
  • Fully integrated vacuum waste system – occupies the smallest amount of bench width.

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