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Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenanceDon Whitley Scientific is highly committed to excellence in after sales service. We can service every product we sell, ensuring our customers are a part of an equipment ownership experience to remember, for all the good reasons.

With a network of highly capable engineers in all capital cities throughout Australia, supported by our dedicated technical services team, customers invest in our products with the peace of mind that assistance is only a phone call or email away.

As equipment complexity varies so do our tailored service programs, to ensure years of trouble free operation of your investment.

Comprehensive PM Service Contracts

Equipment such as workstations, spiral platers, media sterilisers and Petri dish filling systems are quite complex and therefore should be maintained at predetermined intervals depending on the equipment type, to ensure the equipment meets specification and delivers the best operational outcome to the client.

A CPMC (Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Contract), which is offered at the expiry of warranty on new systems, offers the customer peace of mind knowing that their systems are being maintained to the factory specification of that particular system.

From a budgeting perspective a CPMC makes excellent economic sense in that an annual fee is paid, and apart from contract specified consumables, there are no further charges for system maintenance, non-operator fault callouts and repairs for the duration of the contract.

CPMC clients benefit in many ways so don’t wait until it breaks, contact us to discuss your individual needs and let us tailor a CPMC to suit. 

Semi Comprehensive Service Contracts

A CPMC is like a fully comprehensive insurance policy that you pay an annual fee on but don’t have an excess.

We understand that budgets are not unlimited and work with our customers to tailor a SCSC (Semi Comprehensive Service Contract) on less complex systems, that still covers the normal programmed servicing intervals required to ensure satisfactory operation of the specific equipment, but does not cover replacement parts that may be required or callouts fees and labour in the event of a breakdown.

This way the work that should be done to periodically maintain the equipment and assess and report the condition of critical components is still carried out on a predetermined basis. The client assumes the risk that if a component, whether minor or major fails, all costs associated with that work including the parts are chargeable.

Of course, in having an SCSC in place, the likelihood of a major failure is greatly reduced. The alternative is to wait until the system breaks and then try to fix it. This is a very costly approach to equipment maintenance and our experience tells us it will cost far more to fix an unmaintained system than it will to invest in a proper maintenance plan.

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