University of Leeds Microbiology Poster Prizes

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University of Leeds Microbiology Poster Prizes

Andrew Pridmore, Head of Microbiology at Don Whitley Scientific, visited the University of Leeds on 7th May 2015 to present prizes to undergraduate students on the “Microbiology”, “Medical Microbiology” and “Microbiology in relation to Medicine” BSc degree courses.

The prizes are awarded each year for poster presentations of the students’ final year research projects.  These are divided into two categories – laboratory projects and literature review projects.

The winners this year were as follows:




Laboratory-based projects:

1st   –    Stephanie Cumberworth  (pictured above with Andrew Pridmore)

“Role for the Merkel Cell Polyoma Virus Small T Antigen in Merkel Cell Carcinoma Metastasis”

2nd  –    Lucy Wallace

“Engineering Expression of a Glycopeptide Antibiotic Biosynthetic Gene Cluster”

3rd   –    Michalis Christoforou

“Design of new vaccines”

Literature-based projects:

Ellis Hart with Dr Andrew Pridmore

Ellis Hart with Dr Andrew Pridmore

1st   –    Ellis Hart

“A Promising New Direction in HIV Drug Development”

2nd  –    James Florance

“Raising public awareness of sexually transmitted infections”

3rd   –    Hannah Wilsdon

“The HPV Vaccination: how to increase uptake”


In addition to these winning posters, Andrew was pleased to find three posters on the subject of the human intestinal microbiota.  This is a subject of great interest to the microbiologists in our company and to our customers.  The posters were:

Oliver Beniston – “The Gut Microbiome in Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Daniel Huntley – “Gut microbiota: a cause of bowel cancer?”

Beth Chasty – “The gut microbiome: a causal factor in child undernutrition?”




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