Potential solution to staff shortages

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Skills Shortage

Potential solution to staff shortages

With the current skills shortage, many laboratories are struggling with recruitment and retention issues. According to Office of National Statistics data released in April, the UK unemployment rate is at around 3.7% overall. In May 2022, job vacancies stood at around 1.3m, outnumbering the number of unemployed people.

Not only are there a lack of candidates available with the relevant skills, there is also a real shortage in the number of applicants for laboratory roles. Then, even when you have the requisite number of staff, what happens when people are ill, need to go for training, take holidays, etc? There just aren’t the resources to carry out the every day tasks, let alone cover for absences.

Our in-house laboratories could be the solution to your problem, whether for short term help on a temporary basis until new staff are trained or in the longer term to outsource some tasks due to overall increased workload.

Services Offered

Our microbiology laboratories conduct work that encompasses the whole spectrum of microbiology, from routine analysis/quality control to substantial research and development programmes for major multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The services that we offer include:

  • MIC and MBC testing
  • Antimicrobial kill curves
  • Determination of post-antibiotic effect
  • Microbiological assays
  • in vitro efficacy testing of antimicrobial wound dressings.

To see the type of work we are able to help you with, please visit our website.

Quality Standards

In addition to our membership of the UK GLP compliance program, we are able to comply with national and international standards as required, including BS / EN / ISO / ASTM test methods, BSAC, EUCAST and CLSI guidelines.  We also welcome QA audits from existing and potential customers.

At DWS, we also manufacture and supply many automated solutions, helping to speed up various laboratory tasks and reduce waiting time. Automating some laboratory tasks saves time and resources, helps to reduce costs, increases repeatability, reduces human error, improves quality, and allows the automation of some tasks that could cause strain injuries.

The Next Step

Contact us to discuss how our in-house laboratories or automated solutions might be able to help – email: sales@dwscientific.co.uk or telephone 01274 595728.


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