Simplifying Sample Preparation: Part I

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Just because you work in a laboratory;
it doesn’t mean your work has to be laborious.

Don Whitley Scientific offers a wide range of automated equipment, designed to save valuable time and effort and cut down on menial tasks.

The Smasher is the quietest peristaltic blender on the market, producing perfectly homogenised samples and with an LCD display screen to allow constant monitoring of blending duration and speed.

  • Proven to operate at 10dBA less than other standard blenders – 8 times quieter – so is suitable for use anywhere in your laboratory.
  • No jam, patented smash effect to ensure continuous operation.
  • Quick release paddles that can be removed without the use of tools and a totally accessible chamber make cleaning an easy task.
  • Easy to use, digital keypad for the programming of different blending cycles (from 10 to 180 seconds or continuously).
  • Blending capacity of 80ml to 400ml bags giving you plenty of flexibility.
  • ISO7518 and ISO6887 compliant.



If you have a large volume of samples to process, the Smasher XL (left) may be the most desirable option. With the ability to blend 1 x 4 litre sample bag or 2 x 1.5 litre bags simultaneously, it also has a 250ml waste drawer fitted into the door to facilitate cleaning should any leaks occur.

An optional, ergonomic, stainless steel trolley (700mm high) is available to facilitate loading/unloading and moving around the laboratory to where it is needed. The trolley has four wheels with brake mechanism and comes complete with a large volume waste bucket.






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