New Video: Whitley Jar Gassing System Animation

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New Video: Whitley Jar Gassing System Animation

Don Whitley Scientific have released a new video, an animation highlighting the effectiveness of using a Whitley Jar Gassing System to create anaerobic and microaerobic conditions.

The animation shows key features that make the Whitley Jar Gassing System a fast, low cost solution for creating specific atmospheric conditions whilst being a convenient and easy piece of equipment to use. Using the clear touchscreen display, the user can create anaerobic conditions within 2 minutes and microaerobic conditions in a rapid 15 second cycle. These cycles are displayed as graphs on the touchscreen and then available to print out for traceability and accreditation purposes.

The WJGS is part of a wide range of Don Whitley Scientific products that provide efficient and reliable conditions for a range of microbiology applications. When released the Whitley Jar Gassing System was an innovative new way to create anaerobic/microaerobic conditions and it has evolved with technology, continuing to provide a low cost solution to create the relevant atmosphere for working with anaerobes and microaerophiles.



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