New Video Testimonial – Optimal conditions for Clostridium difficile

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New Video Testimonial – Optimal conditions for Clostridium difficile

Dr Jane Freeman, from Leeds General Infirmary and The University of Leeds, spoke to Don Whitley Scientific about her work with the Whitley A95 Anaerobic Workstation. 

Dr Freeman is part of the Healthcare Associated Infections Research Team that works at Leeds General Infirmary. Jane’s work involves investigating Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that can infect the bowel, causing diarrhoea and sometimes even more serious bowel conditions. Jane uses a Whitley A95 Anaerobic Workstation in her work and  she also uses an in vitro gut model (as shown in the video) to mimic the effects of C difficle.

The Whitley A95 Anaerobic Workstation offers a spacious work area with four portholes and a large capacity airlock. Dr Freeman states this large working area enables her to use all the equipment she needs without taking her samples out of the anaerobic conditions. The team at Leeds General Infirmary have five Whitley Workstations, as they provide a reliable anaerobic atmosphere in which to incubate and manipulate samples.

This video highlights how the Whitley A95 Anaerobic Workstation provides reliability, versatility and space for this important work with Clostridium difficile.


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