New Supersize Peristaltic Blender – Smasher XL

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New Supersize Peristaltic Blender – Smasher XL

Smasher XL is a high performance paddle blender that is ideal for large volume samples. It can blend a 1 x 4 litre sample bag or 2 x 1.5 litre bags simultaneously. The patented ‘SMASH’ effect (developed to avoid jams) is applied to crush samples prior to peristaltic homogenisation taking place, ensuring the resulting suspension is representative of the sample’s microbial population.


  • Four paddes provide perfectly homogenised suspensions, ensuring reproducible microbiological results.
  • Blending capacity >4kg / 1 x 3.750g bag or 2 x 1.500g bags / 1500 to 4000ml in blender bags
  • Easy to clean as the door and paddles can be removed (without tools).
  • Safe to operate – if the door is opened the paddles stop immediately and are realigned to aid removal of large volumes.
  • A 250ml waste drawer is fitted into the door to facilitate cleaning should any leaks occur.
  • Options include a wheeled trolley (with additional large volume waste drawer) so Smasher XL is easy to move around the laboratory to where you need it.

This product is ideal for processing bulk samples such as powdered milk, chicken, minced meat, cocoa and pet foods.

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