New Option Available – Multiwell Plate Transfer Tray

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New Option Available – Multiwell Plate Transfer Tray

For Whitley Workstation customers who are working with multiwell plates, a new option has been developed to help you. If you have a DG250 or 85/95 sized Whitley Workstation, this new adapter for the porthole will enable you to transfer multiwell plates (also known as microwell or microplates) through the sleeve ports at the same time as you insert your arms.

This sturdy device pivots easily to allow smooth access of plates into the chamber environment.

Multiwell Plate Transfer Trays are easily attached and removed (with just one securing nut). If you are involved in a project that requires the incubation/manipulation of a large quantity of plates, you might choose to leave the tray fitted or for less frequent use, the trays can be fitted and removed as required.

Suitable for any cell/tissue culture and microbiology application. Sold in packs of 2. Product no. A07228

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