Making a difference in hypoxia research

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Making a difference in hypoxia research

Sally Shelton, Export Manager at Don Whitley Scientific, presents her thoughts after attending a recent exhibition in Germany.

I attended the meeting in Essen, Germany last month and gained a real insight into the work the researchers are doing.  Their research is making a huge difference to what we know about a whole variety of diseases and future treatments.  Many scientists are  changing the way they work with more of them using workstations to precisely control the environment that cells are exposed to. More accurate results are obtained that more precisely model what goes on in the human body. This is really exciting progress!

On a personal note, I was struck by the amazing work that research scientists do! It is their results that will change the medicine of the future.

Don Whitley Scientific Ltd is a leading manufacturer of hypoxic workstations and had a stand at the meeting this year featuring our H35 Hypoxystation.  Based in the UK we have a dedicated team of UK sales people as well as distributors in many countries.

Thank you to those who came to see us at the meeting.  We received some really useful feedback on the type of equipment that scientists in the hypoxia field really need.  If you would like any more information then please get in touch either via our website or by contacting me directly on


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