Liverpool Lab Highlights Significance of Hypoxia in Glioblastoma Research

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Liverpool Lab Highlights Significance of Hypoxia in Glioblastoma Research

Studies into the effects of hypoxia on different areas of glioblastoma were recently published by a lab at the University of Liverpool. Violaine See’s lab investigated the effect of both cell cycle progression and specific chemical signatures under varying levels of hypoxia. In both instances, the physiologically relevant environments created by Whitley H35 Hypoxystations can be considered an integral factor in ensuring the results were dependable and accurate.

The first paper, entitled “Cell cycle progression in glioblastoma cells is unaffected by pathophysiological levels of hypoxia” highlights the effects of Hypoxia on glioblastoma (brain tumour) cells. Specifically, the aim of the study was to investigate how varying oxygen levels can effect cell proliferation and survival in glioblastoma.  The results explain how solid tumours can be both hypoxic and highly proliferative and reinforce the importance of using the correct physiologically relevant oxygen tensions when investigating tumour hypoxia.

The second paper, “Use of infra-red microspectroscopy to elucidate a specific chemical signature associated with hypoxia levels found in glioblastoma” also looks at the effect differing oxygen levels can have on glioblastoma. Studying the metabolic changes that occur in tumours which are triggered by hypoxia, the paper describes the role these low oxygen levels play in the development and aggressiveness of the tumour microenvironment.

In both of these studies, the cells were cultured and incubated in a Whitley H35 Hypoxystation at a level of 1% oxygen. The H35 Hypoxystation is an ideal hypoxic cabinet for ensuring a stable, physiologically relevant atmosphere for cell cultures. Features like data logging make sure conditions can be monitored over a long period of time and the Hypoxystation is fitted with an oxygen sensor to make sure a consistent atmosphere is maintained within the cabinet.

This is not the first time Violaine See has mentioned the use of the Whitley Hypoxystation in her lab. She has provided a video testimonial for Don Whitley Scientific as someone who is happy with her workstation and the level of service provided.



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