Don Whitley Scientific in Spain

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Don Whitley Scientific in Spain

The Don Whitley Scientific demonstration truck is currently making its way through sunny Spain! Accompanied by our sales team, the truck is visiting various research and clinical institutes throughout the country to discuss how DWS equipment may enhance and benefit a range of scientific applications.

The demonstration vehicle is becoming an increasingly useful resource, enabling DWS to visit customers around the continent to demonstrate a wide range of equipment. The truck has previously been to Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria) as well as sites across the UK and is now visiting existing customers and distributors, as well as potential new customers, in Spain.

Last week saw the trip begin, with Joe Walton and Sally Shelton setting off from Portsmouth on a ferry to Bilbao. The first destination was Pamplona, where Joe and Sally met up with Sandra Berges from our Spanish distributor, Nirco, to visit existing and potential customers in the area. The truck provided Sally and Joe with the ability to demonstrate products and have an area to  discuss any potential sales with our customers. It also allows us to obtain customer feedback on how our equipment works in their lab, in this case a Whitley H35 Hypoxystation, which the customers were actually very happy with.

The next day involved a long seven and a half hour drive to Barcelona. Once in the capital, the team visited a hospital to see current customers who are using Whitley products in various research based applications. Next stop was the research building at another  hospital in the area where visitors to the truck displayed a clear interest in the Whitley Hypoxic Workstation.

The last day of this part of the road trip involved visiting some existing customers at a research centre in Barcelona, their research involves Treponema denticola and Tannerella fosythia, which need strict anaerobic conditions to grow. The researchers at this institution have been using Don Whitley Scientific equipment for 20 years and discussed replacing one of the older models they had with one from the more modern Whitley Workstation range.

We would like to say a big thanks to Sandra from Nirco as the trip was a very worthwhile experience.




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