Don Whitley Scientific and Ebers Medical in Joint Venture

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Don Whitley Scientific and Ebers Medical in Joint Venture

Don Whitley Scientific Limited (DWS) has announced a new venture into the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine market. They have signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Spanish biotechnology company, Ebers Medical Technology, to sell the latest in tissue engineering systems.

According to Medmarket Diligence* the largest market for tissue engineered products is the “replacement of structurally or physiologically deficient or diseased tissues and organs in humans”. However, the NHS website ‘Give and Let Live’ states that only a third of people who need an organ transplant actually receive one. This doesn’t even include the statistics for those people needing tissue transplantation.

For DWS, this venture allows them to bring the latest technology into the UK for this growing scientific discipline. 

The TEB1000 Master Unit has the functionality of a CO2 incubator but incorporates an integrated double peristaltic pumping system. It features a digital control system with
touchscreen interface for ease of use. This Master Unit can be used to work with an unlimited number of tissues, conditions and biomaterials to extend the range of experiments possible.

The tissue culture package for use in the Master Unit consists of P3D disposable culture chambers and racking systems that allow scientists to grow cells on porous scaffolds under perfusion conditions. This system also allows for the seeding and culture of scaffolds in the same chamber, minimising the risk of contamination.

The agreement with Ebers Medical also includes distribution of the products in Germany and Australia by DWS subsidiary companies, Meintrup-DWS Laborgeräte GmbH and Don Whitley Scientific PTY.

Managing Director of DWS, Paul Walton, commented: “This is an exciting product for a relatively young but very important market. Our long history of providing solutions to scientists will help us bring this innovation to tissue engineering specialists who are already making a difference in medicine today.”


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