Did You Know: about Data Logging?

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Did You Know: about Data Logging?

Do you need to record the environmental parameters inside your workstation? All of our touch-screen models display this information in graphical format for the user to see, and the data logging option enables this data to be downloaded via a USB interface to a memory stick and transferred to a PC for further analysis.

It is also possible to download an events log if required.

Which Whitley Workstations have this option?
Data logging is compatible with all of our touch-screen workstations.

Which parameters can I record?

Carbon Dioxide
Cabinet Internal Pressure

*If anaerobic conditions monitor is fitted


How long does it take to download the data?
The information download takes approximately 20 seconds.

Where is the USB port located?
The port is located on a panel above the airlock, and is only accessible when the airlock door is open. This ensures that the memory stick can never be forgotten – as the door cannot close unless the memory stick has been removed.

What does the events log comprise?
The events log monitors the different processes and actions that run in the machine and flags up any errors. It also adds traceability to the system by recording how it is used.

These are some of the processes monitored:

Low Gas Pressure
Inner & Outer Airlock Door Open/Closed
Elevated Oxygen Level
Airlock Cycle
Oxygen Calibration
Oxygen Feedback
Sleeve Vacuum/ Gassing

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