Chill Out with a Whitley Workstation

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Chill Out with a Whitley Workstation

If you are working with organisms that need lower temperatures in order to thrive, you will need to ensure that your workstation has the ability to control and maintain such temperatures.

It could also be that you are using equipment inside your workstation that generates heat – heat that you need to be able to dissipate so it doesn’t affect the control parameters of the working environment in the chamber.

Don Whitley Scientific has three ‘chilling’ solutions for certain anaerobic, microaerobic and hypoxic workstations.

ReAmbr inside a Whitley Workstationducing the heat

Our range of taller, wider, deeper workstations has been developed to accommodate laboratory equipment to use inside chambers. The Heat Removal System is an option for the 135 and 155 Workstations. It is specified when equipment needs to be operated inside the chamber and where the equipment generates heat that would cause the workstation temperature to rise beyond the desired set point. This  compact, unobtrusive system will maintain temperatures inside the workstation of between 20°C to 35°C. Housed on the back of the workstation, the unit does not take up any incubation space inside the chamber.

Chilling experiments

Our Refrigeration System can achieve much cooler temperatures – workstations fitted with this chiller operate at less than 10°C. This unit is specified when the main reason for requiring a lower temperature is to allow experiments such as those with psychrophiles to be conducted.

Scientist working in a Whitley WorkstationThe 85 Solution

The Whitley Refrigeration Unit can be added as an option on A85 (anaerobic), M85 (microaerobic) and H85 (hypoxic) Workstations. This unit enables the operating temperature of the workstation to be reduced to a minimum of 8°C, maintaining the necessary environment to store samples prior to incubation or to grow organisms that thrive in lower temperatures.

A variant of the 85 solution is also available that will maintain 20°C for those experiments where ‘ambient’ temperatures need to be maintained or when equipment inside the chamber is generating heat that needs to be extracted.

All three variants of chiller unit can be turned off when required so the maximum chamber temperature of 45°C can be achieved. This makes DWS chillers a very flexible solution for when different temperatures are required or when a constant ambient temperature is essential.

If you would like any further information on any of these cooling solutions or about Whitley Workstations in general, please call our sales team on:

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