Automatic Sleeve Gassing on Whitley Workstations

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Automatic Sleeve Gassing on Whitley Workstations

A feature unique to Whitley Workstations is the option to evacuate and gas sleeves automatically. With one touch of the footswitch, sleeves can be filled and evacuated with ease, maintaining workstation conditions and avoiding any potential disturbance to your work through operator error.

Some users are not confident in using the vacuum and gassing feature on sleeves. Automatic sleeve gassing ensures sleeves are correctly vacuumed and filled with gas before the users hands are introduced into the chamber. Once the routine has been completed, there is no need to re-gas the sleeves until the next time you enter the workstation. This automatic sleeve gassing system is available on most Whitley Workstations.



  • Maintain a cost effective strategy for gas use
  • Avoid disturbance to workstation conditions
  • Reduce the risk of operator error
  • Unique to Don Whitley Scientific Workstations


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