Microbiology International at Anaerobe 2016

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Microbiology International at Anaerobe 2016

Don Whitley Scientific’s US/Canadian distributor, Microbiology International, will be at this years Anaerobe Society of the Americas (ASA) Anaerobe meeting. This biennial conference will be hosted at the Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The event is running between July 11-14.

Anaerobe 2016 has a program full of speakers, presentations and poster sessions as well some fantastic social activities. Presentations feature a range of topics relevant to an audience that will include researchers, clinicians and technicians and the social events include a pre congress mixer at a local blues club, a wine and cheese drinks reception and a congress dinner.


The Microbiology International stand will feature a Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation. This workstation offers a capacity of up to 600 90mm Petri dishes and features a touchscreen system, enabling users to stay in control of all parameters and conditions. The A35 is also available with instant access ports and a rapid cycle airlock system, these options can improve working methods in the lab.

Also available on the stand will be the publication: An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology. This guide, published by Don Whitley Scientific, enables readers to isolate and identify commonly occurring, clinically important anaerobic bacteria. With consultation from some of the most experienced people in microbiology, this is one of the most up-to-date reference guides available for the modern clinical laboratory. There will be multiple copies available on the Microbiology International stand, so make sure you drop by while supplies last!

Other publications available on the stand are flyers which detail clinically relevant gram-negative and gram-positive anaerobes. Like the Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology, these should assist clinicians in identifying relevant anaerobes.


Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology




Gram postive anaerobes

Common Gram-Positive Anaerobes flyer











Visit Microbiology International at ASA Anaerobe Nashville 2016 – Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee  July 11th-14th 2016



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