A35 at Jersey General Hospital

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A35 at Jersey General Hospital

Pictured: Dora Freer, MLA and Jacy Brown, BMS at Jersey General Hospital

As a family company that strives to create long term, sustainable, trusting relationships with our customers, what they think of us and the products and services we supply is very important. We recently conducted an interview with Joanne Reid, BMS Team Leader and Quality Manager at Jersey General Hospital, to ask about their service and maintenance contract on the Whitley A35 Workstation. Joanne was kind enough to let us contact her remotely and ask her the following questions:

How satisfied are you with the technical support we provide?

We have been using DWS to service our workstations for many years and are very satisfied with the service provision. We had a non-conformance brought up in one of our UKAS inspections that we were unsure how to address.  With the help of the technical staff at DWS we were able to quickly troubleshoot this and found a solution that we could easily implement. We find them a reliable company who are always willing to help. They are a family company and we’ve had the same service engineer visit us for years. It’s nice to be able to get to know someone, someone that you can trust to get the job done.

Are there any features of the workstation that you find particularly useful in your work?

We find all the features very intuitive to use. One thing we do find especially useful is the alarm feature on our airlock. I don’t know if this comes as standard yet but it’s something we particularly asked for because, in the past, we had some non-conformance issues raised, mainly to do with plates being left in airlocks as someone had set a cycle running, gone away to do something else, and then forgotten about the plates. We even tried setting timers to help us but a conversation with DWS led to them developing this alarm feature. Since it has been fitted to our workstation, we haven’t had any non-conformance issues. Our staff really like and rely on this feature.

Why did your lab decide to buy a Whitley Workstation?

We have always had Whitley products and have never had any problems so I don’t think we even considered anyone else! Servicing can be tricky for us as we are in the Channel Islands but we trust DWS to look after us and to do a good job. I don’t see that we have any reason to change our cabinet supplier or our service/maintenance provider.

We would like to thank Joanne Reid for her time and comments about the A35 and
her dealings with Don Whitley Scientific.


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