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The Whitley A25 Workstation has a capacity of 200 Petri dishes while still leaving more than adequate space to process samples in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment.

This anaerobic workstation is equipped with instant access ports and has a built-in, rapid airlock that can accommodate 20 x 90mm Petri dishes or 3 x 500 ml Duran bottles. The airlock allows items to be transferred into the workstation atmosphere in only 20 seconds.

  • Full colour touchscreen
  • Automatic early warnings about the status of the anaerobic atmosphere and catalyst function
  • Wide selection of options available
  • Can also be used as a microaerobic workstation by simply connecting the relevant pre-mixed gas.

This small workstation provides and maintains the very best anaerobic conditions.


Whitley A25 Workstation

Whitley A20 Workstation

The Whitley A20 Workstation provides excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. 

This anaerobic workstation can accommodate 240 x 90mm Petri dishes whilst retaining a generous working area. It will actually hold up to 400 plates for emergency anaerobic incubation. The A20 is equipped with two oval, multi-functional glove ports that act as mini airlocks, each capable of transferring 10 x 90mm Petri dishes as a user inserts their arms.

  • Full colour touch-screen
  • Low gas consumption
  • Ethernet-enabled for remote access to touchscreen
  • Automatic commissioning cycle to save time and resources
  • Options include an integrated anaerobic conditions and catalyst monitoring system with data download facility.

A small workstation but with no compromise on the precise control of parameters.


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