Media Preparation: The Options

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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient media preparator?

With the ability to produce anywhere between 9 and 60 litres of agar/broth/fluid media, we offer a range of Masterclaves to suit every laboratory.

See the table below for a feature comparison:

 Masterclave 09Masterclave 528Masterclave 60
Media preparation capacity1-9 L5-28 L10-60L
Sterilisation temperature95-125°C95-125°C95-125°C
Can be linked to plate pouring devices and gravimetric diluters
Eliminates risks associated with manual preparation of media in glass vessels
Integral ticket printer
Optional chart recorder
Transport wheelsoptional trolley
Range of safety features including automatic locking


Masterclave Range L-R: 09, 528, 60

L-R: Masterclave 09, 528, 60


The combination of a Masterclave and an automated pourer stacker provides the ideal media production system – giving maximum flexibility to produce the amount you need, when you need it – whilst also minimising the risk of contamination and repetitive strain injury.

If quantity demands are high, and workspace restricted, the APS One Pourer Stacker could be exactly what you are looking for. The most compact automated Petri dish filling and distribution system on the market, this machine is able to process 800 plates (18ml) per hour. It is also the only plate pourer that rotates the Petri dish as it dispenses the media, thereby providing a level agar surface.


APS One Pourer Stacker

APS One Pourer Stacker


Standing at only 845mm tall, this unit provides easier stacking ergonomics for operators. The standard carousel can hold 550 plates but can be upgraded to an 800 plate carousel if required. It also stores up to 40 different programmes; saving valuable time.

We have our own microbiology laboratory at Don Whitley Scientific, and our Head of Science, Dr Andrew Pridmore, says of in-house media preparation: “Having the ability to prepare and dispense culture media in our own laboratory, in flexible volumes, greatly improves our ability to prepare for new projects and increases in workload at short notice. We can prepare several hundred agar plates ready for use the following day, or even later the same day.  This really helps when planning for occasional large projects. Furthermore, the cost of making our own agar plates with a media preparator and automated plate pourer is less than half the cost of purchasing pre-poured plates.”

If you purchase any of this equipment from us, following the expiration of the 1 year warranty, you could opt for the added advantage of a Don Whitley Scientific service contract. Trained by the manufacturers themselves, our engineers carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables, meaning that many problems can be fixed on the spot; avoiding unnecessary downtime or repeat visits.



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